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                     Stage 1 - Borrower Receives Offers:   Borrower is Pre-Approved and sent initial Mortgage Offer


                     Stage 2 - Borrower Requests Lock:   Borrower requests to “Lock the Rate”.


                     Stage 3 - Borrower Takes App:   Borrower completes the Loan Application (usually on-line).


                     Stage 4 - Lender Locks Loan:   Loan is locked.


                     Stage 5 - Lender Sends App:   Loan Officer sends Application, Disclosures, and List of Conditions

                                     to the borrower.


                     Stage 6 - Lender Orders Appraisal:   Appraisal is ordered.


                     Stage 7 - Borrower Returns App & Conds:   Loan Officer receives the Application, Disclosures,

                                     and List of Conditions from the borrower.


                     Stage 8 - Lender Reviews Paperwork:   Loan Officer reviews the Application, Disclosures, and

                                    List of Conditions and requests any missing or additional documents.


                     Stage 9 - Lender Submits Loan:   When the appraisal is complete and all requested documentation

                                    and settlement services are in, the Loan Officer submits the file to the underwriter.


                     Stage 10 - Lender Meets Conds:   After the loan is “Approved” by the underwriter, the Loan Officer

                                      meets any conditions requested by the underwriter.


                     Stage 11 - Lender Sets Closing:   After all conditions have been met and the loan is “Clear to Close”,

                                      the Loan Officer sets the closing with all parties.


                     Stage 12 - Borrower Closes & Funds:   The Loan closes and funds.



Disclaimer:  These stages above are typical.  However your stages may vary depending on various circumstances such as loan types, property types, credit situations, appraisal issues, etc.



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